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Shipping Your Vehicle The Safe Way

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Shipping your vehicle can be a hassle. Increasing concerns of traveling across country are larger than ever. Being able to stay inside while in self-isolation is critical. For others, they cannot afford to stay inside. Many people are currently in between homes. New home owners are still trying to make their way across state lines to be safe and sound. That is why we are here to help! We still work to provide you with fast vehicle shipping at an affordable rate.

Cleaning Your Vehicle Inside and Out

Properly cleaning your vehicle is one of the most important tasks for
shipping it out. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might think. In the end,
you will be happy to have almost an almost “like-new” vehicle shipped
directly to your door.

In order to make sure your car is clean and healthy for transportation, its
best to do the following steps

Interior Cleaning

All vehicles have a relatively small quarter space. From pickup trucks to
even vans, the quarters are tight. That is why a good and thorough scrub will
help prevent any unwanted particulates from collecting.

The first step should include wiping down the interior windows. Now, many
might not see the benefit, but over time, the interior windows will collect
almost as much dust as the dashboard. A quick wipe down will show how this is
true. Now, take all the dust that is on your rag or washcloth, and apply that
to the surroundings of your vehicle.

The next step is to wipe down the dashboard and center console. By using
ordinary dashboard wipes, you will remove any static dust particles that have
clung on. From the dashboard, move on down to your center console. The
radio/CD/touch screen are some of the most widely accessed parts of the
vehicle. Next up to hit the shifter, cup holders and steering wheel and don’t
forget the seatbelt buckle! These are all the more widely used parts of a
vehicle and see the most hands at any given time.

Vacuuming Interior

One of the best steps to prevent and dust particles swirling in your auto is
to simply vacuum the seats and the carpet.
This will work to get rid of anything that can make a person cough or
sneeze. A good vacuuming will help remove and dust particulates and debris that
has collected in the fabric. By doing this, you will be removing some of the
more common elements that can remain in the car while in transport.

Cleaning Exterior For Safe Shipping

Door handles are the most touched part of the vehicle. How else are you
going to get in? A safe measure would be to not only wash the interior handles
but the exterior ones as well. Heck, while you’re at it, wash the whole car! By
doing a full wash and wax, you are ensuring that your vehicle is fully
sterilized and ready for shipping! This will also have the benefit of revealing
any dings, dents, and scratches that may be hiding behind dirt. A full look
around for this will help ensure your car is picked up and dropped off just the
way you left it!

Shipping your vehicle the safe way!

In order to transport your vehicle safe and sound, we ask that you take these
extra precautionary steps before letting our drivers pick it up and deliver it!
We understand that traveling at this current moment in time can be tough and we
ask that all those who are still trying to get home to remain safe and calm.


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