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SHOCKER! Hummer EV Sells Out In Only 10 Minutes

You are currently viewing SHOCKER! Hummer EV Sells Out In Only 10 Minutes
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Did you hear about the Hummer EV that only sold out in 10 minutes? It’s pretty unbelievable. The price tag tops $100,000, as the automaker is getting ready for winter testing. Edition 1 is likely to have a starting price of $112,595 actually. It was made in GM’s Factory ZERO back in Detroit and Hamtramck. It’s now being reimagined as all-electric vehicles, in departure from its beginnings as a bro-machine. GM is planning to launch other lesser models of the Hummer EV, but for now this one makes sense, with all the various features that come with it.

For starters, it can crab-walk.

That is to say that it has the skill to drive in any direction, including diagonally. This type of technology is revolutionary in which it can allow for exits from particularly small places. This may include the many rock-like structures that we see the Hummer EV climbing over in various promo videos. Certainly a must-get for the rock-climbing enthusiast in your life.

Only the GMC Hummer SUV is currently beating the Hummer EV. It’s likely to be available in 2023. What specs are of that model are yet to be seen, but certainly it will be a vehicle we simply could buy up in five minutes.

What would I do if I had a Hummer EV?

Likely give up all my worldly possessions and camp out in there for a week. Go to Yosemite and live as a nomad for some time. Maybe be the first individual to climb the waterfall there with the Hummer EV, given that it’s drive is powerful enough to climb up vertical surfaces. Now it’s only a question if it can climb up surfaces. Which I’m sure it can handle. Especially with my weight being so small and light. A likely delight, I’m sure! Also, I’d start a barbecue in the trunk. Hummer EVs don’t need to totally exclude gas!

Of course, I’d need to get my new Hummer home first. That’s why I’d enlist the car movers at Virginia Beach Auto Transport to get my new EV home in a hurry!

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