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Shooter has No Motives but Plenty of Long-Term Afflictions

You are currently viewing Shooter has No Motives but Plenty of Long-Term Afflictions
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New details are surfacing from the mass shooting in 2019. The shooter, DeWayne Craddock, had been afflicted with what was understood as long-term “perceived workplace grievances” as well as “significant mental health stressors.” And then he killed people. The FBI reported this briefing only two months after the police department discovered no motives for the shooter. Which in turn left 12 dead and four injured.

There were plenty of FBI agents that had a hand in the response and investigative part of the shooting. This would involve Evidence Response Teams as well as experts from within the FBI Laboratory.

“The shooter’s inflated sense of self-importance contributed to this conflict and led him to believe he was unjustly and repeatedly criticized and slighted.” The report was said to be a way of reconciling the conflict while restoring a perverted view of justice. Such grievances were showing up as early as 2014. And of course, Craddock had to isolate themself from relationships just to hide his intentions.

Even the mayor was a little spooked by this shooter with no motives!

He had gone ahead regarding the shooter, saying that “In the two years since 5/31, we have seen the worst evil one person can do, and the very best of what a community can do when people come together. As we continue to heal, let’s remember to treat each other well.”

There hasn’t quite been similar behavior to the shooter and his wrongdoings that were noticeably intensified. The predatory act in general has “purposeful violence intended for an identified target, person, place, or institution,” according to the report.

And yet there was nothing! No manifesto, no place to look for evidence and absolutely nothing. At least, except for an electronic tablet. It’s password protected and apparently inaccessible to investigators, though they may open it someday. And when it is, perhaps they’ll crack the code and get the answers they’re looking for. That’s the best part of it all, isn’t it? How sometimes there will be a lot of good in the world, and then other times there will be a lot of bad. And with the bad comes consequences. But you don’t realize that these consequences give you a better understanding on how to interact with the world-at-large? We can all learn from this.

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