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Sony Mobility Driven To Create Electric Vehicles Such As Cars and SUVs

You are currently viewing Sony Mobility Driven To Create Electric Vehicles Such As Cars and SUVs
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Firstly, Sony believes that it’s very good business to build cars. Sony Mobility believes it’s quite serious to build cars. CES 2022 is the place for those announcements. The newest division is Sony Mobility, and it certainly is an electric SUV concept. The Vision-S 02 is a crazy cool new invention by the Sony Mobility team. The Vision-S 02 is an upgrade from the original Vision-S 01 sedan. The vehicle is something incredible.

The Vision-S 02 is an upgrade from the Vision-S 01 sedan.

Sony has been able to test public roads with their Vision-S 01. Of course, it gives off a compact design. It is practically at 192.7 inches long, 65 inches tall and 76 inches wide. The Vision-S SUV is about similar in size.

Sony Has Originally Came Through With The Vision Early On

The Vision-S 01 from CES 2020 is a godsend. The tech company sees that Magna-Steyr in Austria to create a roadworthy sedan. The Magna is likely involved with the Sony Mobility division.

When Sony unveiled the Vision-S 01 at CES 2020, the company said it was working with Magna-Steyr in Austria to make sure the sedan was properly roadworthy. Will Magna be involved with the new Mobility division? It is yet to be seen.

Sony Vision-S SUV is able to support four to seven seating arrangements. The latter is able to swap the rear captain chairs for three-across setups with two seats in the back. And so, the third row may be a bit uncomfortable. Such a concept .

Inside, the tech company says the Vision-S SUV can support four- or seven-passenger seating arrangements. The latter swaps out the rear captain’s chairs for a three-across setup with an additional two seats in the way-back. Given the compact size, we can’t imagine that third row will be in any way comfortable, but then again, this is just a concept.

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