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State of Virginia Receives $6.6 Million for Forest Projects

You are currently viewing State of Virginia Receives $6.6 Million for Forest Projects
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It’s important to preserve the trees in the United States. Particularly because the Earth is not going to be around forever. So because of that, there’s a whole idea that the United States should be really much more kind to the greenery around the area. The Department of Forestry in Virginia is going to offer grant funding for the 2023 Urban and Community Forestry Grant Assistance Program. It’s encouraging to make for programs within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Such a program can be driven to allow projects in the Commonwealth that integrates urban and community forest ecosystems. The state has been able to receive about $6.6 million throughout four years as it’s all distributed through civic groups as well as other organizations. Lara Johnson, the Program Coordinator from the DOF’s very own Urban and Community Forestry Program Coordinator believes the funding for Virginia will allow all areas of the state to access funding for forestry. Such a proposal will give benefits to disadvantaged communities accordingly to the federal governments very own screening tool, as there’s no need to offer a project match.

But to qualify, properly, the application has to show the work scope in varied communities as well as references to online data tools as they would very likely confirm a disadvantaged status.

Grant proposals of a match–free style are likely to go up to about $250,000.

As it stands, the projects that don’t quite benefit disadvantaged communities, there’s not as much a likelihood for full funding. Given the circumstances, those communities are still able to receive about $50,000 in Community Forestry Assistance funds, in need of a dollar-for-dollar match, which is likely to be cash, in-kind contributions or services. This is a very important task, given the fragility of the forests.

The problem as it stands shows that the Forest needs to be consistently cared about.

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