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Woman Gets 7 Years for Mistaken-Identity Killing

You are currently viewing Woman Gets 7 Years for Mistaken-Identity Killing
Two people conspired to kill the woman's sugar daddy.
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – A Virginia woman, Teniqu Cushman will spend almost seven years in prison for the plotting the murder of her former sugar daddy. The attack ultimately led to the death of a Norfolk elementary school teacher, who was gunned down in the form of mistaken identity.

Furthermore, 24-year-old Cushman was an HVAC worker from Virginia Beach who pleaded guilty last year to one felony charge she faced, conspiring to commit first-degree murder.

Heading into last Friday’s hearing, Judge Joseph Migliozzi Jr. sentenced her to six years and seven months in prison.

Moreover, Cushman has been plotting with her recent sugar daddy, a 72-year-old Utah engineer who constantly wrote love letters and poems to Cushman to murder her other sugar daddy.

The tragic event occurred on New Year’s Eve 2017. When Cushman’s sugar daddy went up to 50-year-old Caroline Hendrix, a pre-K teacher at Oceanair Elementary School, whose car sat outside her boyfriend’s driveway, and shot her.

Hendrix’s boyfriend and former sugar daddy to Teniqu Cushman, Alex Novak, heard the gunshot. He then ran out of his garage, managing to shoot the attacker, forcing him to flee.

Hendrix’s parents testified in court, saddened and distraught her father Stephen Hendrix managed to speak against Cushman’s fatal murder plot. “I can never forgive either of you, I consider you both disciples of Satan,” he said.

The 72-year-old Utah engineer who shot Hendrix was identified as Ed Shaw. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and the use of illegally handling a gun. Shaw could face up to 43 years in prison when his sentencing takes place in January. If convicted, he can receive a possible life sentence.

The two decided Novak needed to be “taught a lesson.”

Court documents show the extent to which Cushman and Shaw were plotting together leading up to the shooting.

Cushman confirmed with Shaw that she wanted Novak dead as soon as possible. Head over heels with her, he complied and went to Novak’s location.

However, assuming that Novak was in the car outside the driveway, Shaw went up to the window and shot innocent Caroline Hendrix instead.

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