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Taxpayers Receive Their Own Neighbors Tax Forms In IRS Mix-Up

You are currently viewing Taxpayers Receive Their Own Neighbors Tax Forms In IRS Mix-Up
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There have been many taxpayers all over town that are under a lot of stress. And you have to wonder how? Is it because of the COVID-19 Pandemic? Maybe it has to do with the weather? No, it’s a more national problem that extends beyond Virginia. It’s taxes.

Taxpayers are receiving the wrong forms from the IRS.

Several thousand taxpayers have been complaining about receiving their own neighbors’ tax forms. Delegate Tim Anderson (R-Virginia Beach) believes that the Virginia Department of Taxation is impacting about 13,000 people in specific. According to Anderson, “Somebody made a mistake, and they made a big one. It happened and the remedy is to provide the affected with credit monitoring services so that if someone is trying to steal your identity you get alerts from the credit monitoring services.”

Anderson has been trying to reach out to the Youngkin administration in regards to the state providing credit monitoring services. As well as filing legislation to address the issue. In response, the Department of Taxation makes note that the “Virginia Tax takes the protection of taxpayer information very seriously. We are addressing a reported issue affecting printed 1099-Gs for a number of taxpayers in the Virginia Beach area. We have thoroughly investigated this matter with the vendor and identified the specific taxpayers affected. Fortunately, any personal account information on the Form 1099-G is redacted, so the information of those taxpayers affected remains safe and secured.”

But of course, the taxpayers don’t feel sure of the government at all. One individual, in particular, stated that “It does not make me feel very secure because my name, address, and social security number are inside and together with other things, it could be a big problem as far as security goes.” 

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