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The Challenges of Door-to-Door Car Shipping

You are currently viewing The Challenges of Door-to-Door Car Shipping
We can ship your car right to your door, enclosed or open!
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Car shipping is one of those services that you should only trust true professionals to perform. After all, you want to be sure that whoever’s in charge of your car knows what they’re doing. For a specialty service like door-to-door car shipping, this is even more important than usual. Any extra service like this introduces the possibility of things going wrong. So, what are the challenges of shipping a car right to your door? And how does Virginia Beach Auto Transport guarantee the safety of your car?

Door-to-door car shipping presents challenges for drivers.

Car shipping usually takes your cars from terminal to terminal. With this service, your transport driver will know that there’s ample space for their car carrier at their destination. Car shipping companies like ours set up these terminals to be perfectly safe and comfortable for drivers. They’ll have plenty of space to turn around, park, and unload safely.

However, with door-to-door service, transport drivers don’t get that benefit. They’ll have to load and unload your car wherever it is. That may mean they have a quiet residential street to park on, or that may mean they have to load your car in a dense urban area. Either way, they’ll have to drive on roads that are less comfortable for huge trucks than the usual highway areas. This is why you really want an experienced team to handle your door-to-door shipment.

Virginia Beach Auto Transport can handle it!

At Virginia Beach Auto Transport, we only work with experienced and dedicated drivers. Our team of drivers consists of people who have been hauling cars since as early as 2006. With that kind of experience on our side, you know we have all the tricks of the trade to make even the most challenging orders go smoothly.

The best thing about working with us is that we’re flexible. We can haul your car door-to-door in conjunction with any of our other services. You can ship your car open or enclosed, and you can ask us to expedite your order. No matter what you need from your car shipper, we can provide it.

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