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The Cost to Ship a Car

There are a lot of variables that go into determining the price of shipping a vehicle. First of all, there’s distance and location. These make up a huge portion of the pricing puzzle. But vehicle type, vehicle condition, method of transport, and fuel prices also play a significant role. Let’s take a quick glance at all these factors.


Distance and Location

The farther the distance needed to travel equals a higher price. Moreover, if the route to get to the location is less conventional, the price of shipping will also increase. “Hot routes” or common routes are less out of way and more direct paths and thus cheaper.

Location also impacts the overall pricing. For instance, if the destination is closer to the interstate highway or near a big city, it’ll likely be cheaper than a locale off the beaten path, or in a rural location.

Type of Vehicle

For the most part, the size of the vehicle is a price consideration. Generally speaking, if the vehicle is larger the cost to ship will be at a higher price point. The reason for this is weight and the room it takes up. Shipping companies operate using four categories for vehicle sizes: sedan, SUV, truck, and van.

Vehicle Condition

This might be a surprise to some, but vehicle condition plays a role in pricing. If your car isn’t running, it can still be shipped, but the price might get a bump. This is because it requires specialized tools to load and unload. Moreover, if a car has any issues with steering, braking, or rolling, it will likely add to cost.

Method of Transport

Auto-shipping has two primary types of transport: open and enclosed auto shipping. The open variety is the more common style and is also cheaper. Here vehicles are transported in an open trailer. This is a very secure method, however, the car does remain out in the open and exposed to the elements.

Enclosed vehicle transport is most often utilized when the car being shipped is the exotic, rare, or luxury automobile. The enclosure guarantees that the vehicle is guarded from weather conditions, road debris, and dust. Enclosed transport is costlier but does guarantee against the conditions in a way that open transport simply can’t.

Another factor that can impact pricing is the speed at which you want your vehicle delivered. If you want and or need it there asap you can select expedited shipping. Of course, this will inflate the cost.

Transport Season

When it comes to cost, it also greatly depends on the time of year you’re shipping. During snowbird season, transporting your car to warmer climates will cost more. The reason for this is a lot people are trying to ship their car during this pocket of time. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be stuck where it’s cold. But with higher demand, there’s naturally a higher price attached.

Fuel Costs

Of course fuel cost is going to be a factor. However, the price of this is a fluid situation as gas prices are always toggling back and forth. This will account for the sometimes significant change in price from week to week.

Hopefully, this detailed breakdown provides a fuller picture of car shipping prices. Here at Virginia Beach Auto Transport we offer some of the most reasonable quotes around and will gladly handle any type of vehicle.

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