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Vintage Cars Ship-To Hampton Roads

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Vintage cars are all the rage. What better way to kick off the new year than to bring your vintage car to one of the largest auto shows in Virginia Beach? Well, now is your chance! Registrations are still open, but what if you’re some distance away for you to drive your car there? No sweat! Our enclosed shipping service will help get your car where it needs to be in the condition you left it for us!

Shipping Your Vintage Cars

With Virginia Breach Auto Transportation services, you can guarantee your 1965 Shelby is going to make it there on time! Enclosed shipping methods offer solid protection from all environmental hazards.

Vintage Cars Show Room

The Hampton Roads car show will feature a plethora of vintage cars all shipped with enclosed shipping methods. Many people who own antique or vintage cars utilize enclosed shipping methods due to reliability. The showroom features everything from old school Porsche 911’s to the Ferrari 250 GTO, you’ll want to get a good look at all the old-school vehicles that have been kept up with over the years.

Slug Bugs and VW Busses

Have a vintage VW? Were you a solid Dead-head in the 60’s? Does the thought of living on the road picking flowers and dancing to weird music remind you of your youth? Well, our transportation services have what you are looking for! Don’t worry about pulling that 75 horsepower engine anywhere. Keep it intact and clean with our services.

High-Performance Cars

High-performance vehicles are no strangers to the Hampton Roads auto show. Do you own a brand new Nissan GT-R? Afraid of what other drivers could potentially do to it while transporting it to the show? Use our enclosed shipping methods to get it there safe and sound!

Virginia Beach Auto Transport Has You Covered!

At Virginia Beach Auto Transport we use only enclosed car transport for exotic vehicle shipping. Additionally, we offer the use of special trucks that are designed to eliminate any possible harm coming to your precious vehicle. We all know the highways out there are treacherous with potholes and other threats, so this definitely adds another layer of protection.

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