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Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Findings Unreleased

You are currently viewing Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Findings Unreleased
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – The criminal investigation into the Municipal Center mass shooting is almost complete. However, according to Virginia Beach’s police chief, the full report may not be released, just yet.

Still, Chief James Cervera, of the Virginia Beach Police Department addressed the Virginia Beach City Council Tuesday afternoon. He stated that once authorities have completed the investigation that only some of the findings will be released. Furthermore, he added that they are also working closely with independent investigators and do not want to influence their review.

The Municipal Center mass shooting occurred on May 31st when a 40-year-old Public Utilities employee shot and killed 12 people. Four others were also injured in the shooting in Building 2.

Moreover, Cervera’s report focused a great deal on crime statistics from the past eight months. However, when addressing the mass shooting, he made sure to confirm that there are two extensive investigations going on.

However, one of the investigations has already been completed. The other one includes the gunman’s involvement. Additionally, the four police officers who exchanged gunfire with the gunman that lead to his death have also been cleared.

Furthermore, Cervera also revealed that over 280 employees who worked in Building 2 were interviewed.

He also added that while his department’s work is near completion, the FBI is not. The initial investigation inside Building 2 started with the FBI. The FBI oversaw reconstructing the crime scene and gathering all the evidence.

According to Cervera, the FBI’s investigation is going to take a while to complete. But, in the meantime, the department plans to continue working with the independent investigation team they hired.

However, according to City Auditor Lyndon Remias, the independent firm is forming their own opinions, and not the reason the chief is holding off on releasing his findings.

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