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Virginia Beach Opens New Flyover Ramp

You are currently viewing Virginia Beach Opens New Flyover Ramp
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – After its initial opening was delayed, the new flyover ramp is set to open this week in Virginia Beach.

According to a statement made by the Virginia Department of Transportation via a tweet on Twitter, the flyover ramp will run from Interstate 64 West to Interstate 264 East in the city of Norfolk. Although the final arrangements for the traffic shift will begin at 10 p.m. on Thursday, it is still scheduled to open on Friday at 5 a.m.

Furthermore, the Virginia Beach City Government expressed their feelings concerning the new ramp. They believe the new change will eradicate the jockeying that tends to happen between motorists leaving Interstate 264 for Newtown Road and drivers merging onto I-264 from I-64 West.

Moreover, the new flyover ramp from I-64 W to I-264 E was initially postponed by the Virginia Department of Transportation. According to VDOT, there were some items that needed to be completed before the ramp opened. During a pre-opening inspection, many items were revealed unfinished. Therefore, the ramp could not open during its regularly scheduled time.

However, when it does open, drivers can expect major improvements to traffic, as it will greatly impact the way motorists enter and exit the interstate.   

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