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Virginia Beach’s Corporate Relocation Auto Transport Service

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These trucks could be ones that ship your next vehicle with enclosed transportation!
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When people talk about moving, most usually think solely of individuals or families moving their homes. Moving can refer to so many other types of moves though, another common one being a company moving. In the auto transportation industry, we refer to this as corporate relocation. When a corporation relocates, there are many moving parts to consider. You have to move all office aspects, whether that be equipment for the job itself or office furniture. For many business types, moving can also include the need to move company vehicles. Figuring out the moving process for the office things and the vehicles can be a lot to handle. Let us make it easy for you and ship all vehicles for you! We can ship everything easily with our corporate relocation auto-shipping service!

With our help, you can have your vehicles shipped quickly and easily to your new office location!

We can help your corporation with getting all business vehicles on the road for you and shipped to your company’s new home base. Additionally, if this office move means that some employees have to move themselves as well, we can help ship any personal vehicles for them too! We can also assist with moving any personal vehicles for any employees who find themselves moving with the company as well!

When booking our corporate relocation auto transportation services, we have a few different options you can choose from for your shipping. You can ship your vehicles using our open-air shipping method, which would put all vehicles together for a lower price. You can also choose to ship your vehicles in a more exclusive, protective manner with our enclosed auto transportation.

No matter what shipping method you choose, your vehicles will be handled with safe hands!

Open-air transportation is when your vehicles are on the back of a truck bed without fully enclosed protection. No fully enclosed protection exposes your vehicle to natural forces like wind and rain, but we still guarantee no harm coming to your vehicle!

Our enclosed transportation keeps your vehicles inside of a fully enclosed truck, giving your vehicles the VIP experience. This would keep your vehicles away from wind and rain, but it does come with a higher price and no guarantee that all vehicles will arrive together, as they would all be shipped separately.

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