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Volkswagen ID4: Why it has EV Enthusiasts Buzzing

You are currently viewing Volkswagen ID4: Why it has EV Enthusiasts Buzzing
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Imagine if the life of an automobile was remiscientof the battle of Valkyries! You have the electirc behemoth of Tesla, their underdog rival, Ford Mustang’s Mach-E and a new contender. One of the eldest brands in the game. It’s name? Volkswagen. It’s destiny? Globally renewable domination. How will the VW rev the streets anew post-Dieselgate? Simply put, with nothing we’ve seen before.

The ID4.

It’s only the latest entry in a line of Electric Vehicles the Germans tout as “Innovative Design.” And this entry of an SUV is no newbie to revolution. How, you might ask? Read on, dear driver. For the road to an electric renaissance is nigh in the sky with diamonds and detours.

Volkswagen Packing, Not Sagging

There’s nothing necessarily different about a Golf-sizable hatchback, per se. It’s really about what’s under-the-hood, that makes drivers feel good. For within the 2021 ID4, an MEB electric-drive architecture rivals the skyscape of Dubai with the following specs. A 288-pouch-cell to beat the other racers to Hell. The 82.0-kWh lithium-ion battery to commit ‘motional battery. Not to mention 201 horsepower to make the torque shower an armageddon of humiliation for the competition.

The ID 4 With Features Galore

Step right up; pick your cherries off this merry sleigh. A voice command that’s sure to make your iPhone wet with battery acid. All touch controls for the nominally knob-challenged fingers. And who could forget the ID light which provides visual cues to the driver and passenger? It’s fun for the whole family, or who’s left of them anyway.

Let’s Talk Big Bucks…

With the consideration to having all your ducks in a row, the rear-drive ID4 Pro model starts at $39,995. If you want to make a statement, $4,500 is the maker you’ll meet. May be a bargain. Could be a burden. Definitely will be in a variety of colors. Blue Dusk Metallic?

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