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Wildfire Creates Concern For The Back Bay National Wildfire Refuge

You are currently viewing Wildfire Creates Concern For The Back Bay National Wildfire Refuge
There's a wildfire that isn't quite settling so well with the locals. This is unfortunately the fourth for the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge.
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Fire. Isn’t it a scary thing? Oftentimes, we think of fire as having a connection to nostalgia at its purest. Wildfire is a capacity that is able to make for a very ridiculous instance. There is nothing more wild and unruly than the fact that Wildfire is able to dominate the streets so viciously and almost unapologetically.

The Wildfire is certainly something that residents of the area may very well be fearful of. The brush fire isn’t the furthest from Colchester Road, for instance. This happened just the other week. Right near the North Bay Shore Campground and the Indian Cove Campground, in fact. This was all scary enough as ism given that a caller reported the fire starting at 9 p.m. when residents were more fearful that things started to heat up closer to about 7:30 p.m.

Luckily, no injuries or deaths came from the Wildfire.

Megan Reed, the Refuge Manager at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, had this to say to the press.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), Virginia, has experienced four incidences of wildfire on Refuge managed lands in the last week. The first two wildfire incidents occurred on February 10, 2022 at Long Island and Mill Landing area. The third incident occurred on February 12 on an island west of Great Cove, with the fourth occurring on February 17 at North Marsh. The cause and acres burned for each wildfire is currently under investigation by Back Bay NWR Law Enforcement. No damage to structures was reported in any of the wildfire incidents. Refuge fire personnel were prepared to provide suppression activities on each wildfire, however, in all four incidences, the wildfires extinguished themselves without firefighter interaction. All Refuge managed lands that are expected to be open this time of year remain open and accessible to the public.

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