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Woman Stole More Than $170,000 From Seniors in Lottery Scheme

You are currently viewing Woman Stole More Than $170,000 From Seniors in Lottery Scheme
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A woman is accusing of scheming elderly people out of tens of thousands of dollars between September 2019 and March 2021. This woman should be ashamed of herself. She is no spring chicken, either, and it’s disgusting and pathetic to prey on these fragile and trusting people in advancing age. They are more vulnerable than most.

Woman Callously Told Elderly Victims They Won a Sweepstakes

There are court records that, in fact, state the 61-year-old Terry Lynn Miller from Virginia Beach, Virginia, had told them they won sweepstakes. In addition, a lottery, a luxury car, or other items. Moreover, they have to pay taxes and fees in order to get the winnings.

Unwitting Victims Were Notified by Phone or Email

Moreover, they say that the victims weretold by phone or email that they had won millions of dollars. Then, they were instructing to mail the defendant thousands of dollars in payments for the taxes and fees at her residence in Virginia Beach.

Woman Mailed out a Briefcases and Combination Locks to Victims

Victims were mailing a briefcase with a combination lock, according to stated records. Miller mailed them these items and told them they contained their winnings. But there was nothing but newspapers and a phonebook. In fact, they were reportedly told that they would be giving the combination to open the briefcase once they pay for the taxes and fees. A cruel hoax. This waste of a human being is merciless and has no conscience.

Vulnerable Elderly Victims

A victim only known as “L.S.” in court record was then 67 years old and living in a Southern state. L.S. had mailed the defendant a money order for $250 to her Virginia Beach address. Fortunately, the United States Postal Service got ahold of the mailing before the defendant receiving it.

“M.G.,” another elderly victim from Illinois had allegedly received an e-mail informing her that she had won $5.5 million in a Mega Millions lottery. In addition to a 2019 Mercedes-Benz. Also, she was told that she must pay the taxes and fees to get her winnings.

Another elderly victim from Illinois known only as “M.G.” allegedly receiving an e-mail informing her that she had won $5.5 million in a Mega Millions lottery. Also a 2019 Mercedes Benz and that she must pay taxes and fees to receive her winnings.

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